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John Reed made no attempt to call 911 after couple killed near Oso, detective testifies

EVERETT, Wash. -- John Reed, who is expected to claim self-defense, made no attempt to call 911 on the day of or the following days surrounding the death of a Snohomish County couple he is charged with killing, a detective testified Thursday.

Reed is charged with killing Monique Paternaude and her husband, Patrick Shunn, in April 2016 near Oso. Law enforcement say it was over a property dispute.

The defense attorney, Phil Sayles, says he expects Reed will say it was self-defense.

During Thursday's court hearing, prosecutors went over Reed’s cell phone record on the day of, and the days surrounding the crime, tracking his location via cell phone tower pings.

Snohomish County sheriff's detective Tedd Betts was on the stand for most of the day.

Betts explained the phone associated with Reed pinged at several different locations connected to the case, including near where the victims' bodies were found.

Betts says phone records also show several missed calls during the times of the murders.

“The calls aren’t being answered, and it doesn’t look like they are being returned either,” he said.

Betts also explained there is no phone record that shows Reed contacted 911 at all during the date of the incident, or the following days.

Reed’s brother, Tony, took the stand earlier in the trial.

Tony Reed was sentenced to 14 months in jail. He pleaded guilty to helping hide the bodies and showed police the gravesite.