Help ID ‘Popeye Burglar’ seen stealing cash through Jimmy John’s drive-thru window ‘freaky fast’

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The slogan for the Jimmy John’s sandwich Shop is ‘Freaky Fast’ — fitting for this crook caught on camera stealing cash in a flash from the register at the store in South Hill.

He darts through the drive-thru window, reaches in to grab money from the register, then slinks out and runs off. But wait — he thinks it was so easy – so he comes back for more, grabbing even the change this time, slinking back out the window – but it’s still not enough — he grabs a cup, probably thinking about putting the change in it, goes out of sight, then thinks, “third time’s a charm,’ boldly jumping all the way through the drive-thru window, running over to the register up front, stealing all the cash from it, then bolting back out the window for good this time.

Along with the camera getting a good shot of his face, Pierce County detectives hope the well-known cartoon character on his shirt will now make him famous — so someone will tell them his name.

"The reason why we call him the ‘Popeye Burglar’ is he had a shirt on with a large image of a Popeye and it was camouflage, so what we like to do is find unique clothing items, or something unique about a suspect that might help ring the bell for somebody who knows somebody who owns something like this, on top of taking a look at the photos, put two and two together, you go 'Hey! That's so and so, so that's why we do that, because it gets more attention and brings a uniqueness to a suspect,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Det. Ed Troyer.

He also wore a purple husky hat with the gold "W" on the front.

Popeye would be powered-up for life with all the spinach the cash reward will get you if you know this guy's name.

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