If you like pleasant weather, we’ve got some good news

SEATTLE - It's been hot (at least for the Northwest in May) quite a bit recently, and it'll be relatively hot again soon enough.

For now though? Welcome to Pleasantville. Population: us.

We're entering a new weather pattern as we hit mid-week, Q13 News chief meteorologist Walter Kelley said, with the thermometer dropping a bit.

"Wednesday will be cloudy with some afternoon sun breaks and a high near 65," Kelley said. "Thursday will be cloudy with a few afternoon sunny periods and a high near 67. Friday will be mostly cloudy with some mountain thunderstorms."

Some of those storms Friday might drift to towns like Concrete, Monroe, North Bend and Enumclaw; we'll know more as it get closer.

Saturday and Sunday will be mostly cloudy, with highs hitting near 70 degrees.

Next week though?

"Next week looks hotter again, with highs getting back up to 80," Kelley said.