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Deadline to enroll in state’s prepaid tuition program is May 31

SEATTLE -- If you're concerned about the cost of college, there may still be time to plan ahead.

This year's deadline to enroll in the state's prepaid tuition program is May 31.

Washington's Guaranteed Education Tuition -- or GET program -- gives you a chance to start saving for college when your kids are still young.

It's a savings plan with tax advantages that pays for future tuition, no matter if the costs go up.

"If you think about the cost of college, what it might cost in the future, it can be really overwhelming for families," said Luke Minor, associate director of the GET program. "So the program works great. It's very flexible for families just to get started. Put a little bit away and then keep at it over time. And that's how it really helps. It reduces future student loan debt and makes families more safe and secure."

The program can pay for four-year universities, community colleges, technical schools, certificate programs, even cosmetology schools. It can also transfer to out-of-state and private schools.