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Act now to protect your home from wildfires later

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Wildfire season is already here, and even though the weather has been rainy and cold lately, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says you need to take action now, to keep wildfires later this summer from putting your home in danger.

Some of those tips include spring cleaning measures like raking up any leaves or branches left over after winter storms, and removing any dead vines from around your home, since all those things can fuel a wildfire, bringing it closer to your home.

The DNR also says you should thin a 15-foot space between tree crowns, and call the power company to trim any overhanging branches away from power lines.

Click here for the DNR’s list of protective measures you should take before summer heat moves in.

The DNR says even though Washington has a fairly normal snowpack this year, and we got a lot of rain over the winter, it’s already drier than last year.  A rainy spring can also contribute to a more severe wildfire season later in the summer, because all the grass and brush that springs up during those April showers will dry out and become potential tinder.

Curious about fire danger in your area? Click here for the DNR’s assessment map.

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