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May Day Preparations and Tips

May Day is on Tuesday.

Rallies and marches are planned for parks in Seattle to celebrate workers’ and immigrants’ rights.  The City says it expects and encourages peaceful expressions of free speech.  But, as Seattle Police are preparing for a big day of protests in downtown, some marches have broken out into violence in the past.

Two years ago, police say a protester threw a Molotov cocktail at them. It shattered and a flash bomb lit an officer’s pants on fire, burning his legs.

The City is recommending if you live in the area of possible protests to follow this advice tomorrow:

  •   Be sure to stay alert and aware of your surroundings.
  •   Call 911 if you see criminal activity of any kind.
  •   Report any graffiti to the Customer Service Bureau: 206-684-2489 or use the Find It, Fix It App on your smart device.

And if you own a business, City officials recommend:

  •   You bring in any outdoor signs or other items from the sidewalks during evening hours tomorrow.
  •   They also say, close and lock dumpsters and lock them to teach other or to a building for the day.
  •   Also, secure or empty your trash and recycling materials. That should include any bottles or flammable materials.