CAPTURED: Suspect accused of taking upskirt videos of 175 women booked and released

SEATTLE – April 24, 2018

Lawrence Clarke was arrested Monday night for investigation of Voyeurism and then released from the King County jail on his own recognizance.  Prosecutors have until Thursday to formally charge him with a crime.

The 31-year-old is  accused of taking upskirt photos and videos of 175 women.

Clarke was arrested in December after being accused of filming up a woman’s skirt at a Target in downtown Seattle.   According to probable cause documents, he  admitted to taking video up a young girl's skirt while she shopped, saying what he did was not illegal 'because he was in a public place."  Police confiscated his phone and got a warrant to search it, and when they did, they said they found hundreds of pictures and videos of him stalking women and recording up their skirts.

“Since he bailed out on the misdemeanor warrant,  he immediately went out, got another phone," said retired Det. Myrle Carner. "Now, he’s back in action.”

Three of the victims have been contacted so far, and police said they are working to identify the rest.

Police said Clarke often goes to downtown Seattle, using public transportation to get there. They said he prefers Asian victims, and that multiple videos were shot in the International District.

“This guy’s very active," Carner said. "If something like that happens to you, get in their face, yell at them, do anything you can. Start running, if you can take a picture, fine but immediately call 911."

Police also said he’s become comfortable standing directly next to victims, taking pictures of their faces and bodies before filming up their skirts.

“This guy is dangerous, and he’s getting more proactive," Carner said.