Detective who pulled gun on motorcyclist gets 5-day suspension

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SEATTLE --  A King County deputy who was caught on camera last year pulling a gun on a motorcyclist was given a 5-day suspension without pay for his actions during the traffic stop.

Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht announced her decision regarding Detective Rich Rowe Monday at a press conference.

In August, a video surfaced showing a man approach a motorcyclist with a gun drawn. That man was Rowe. He was on duty but in plain clothes.

Alex Randall, a motorcyclist from Shoreline, posted the encounter taken from his helmet camera on August 16.

"I put my hands up, (said) don't shoot," Randall said. "I'm staring at the weapon at his finger, trying to see if he's gonna shoot me, basically."

Johanknecht said Rowe believed Randall may have had a gun and said that's why he drew his weapon. Johanknecht also said the detective's behavior that day was not appropriate.

"On August 16, he behaved badly and he knows that," Johanknecht said.

The chief of the King County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division initially recommended a 10-day suspension.

John Urquhart, who was sheriff at the time, called the video "very troubling."

Johanknecht said Rowe started back on duty today.

Randall was never cited for reckless driving.

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