Choosing the right car seat for your kids

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It’s a must-have item for parents or caregivers when there are babies and younger kids in the car.

There are a lot of different car seats to choose from. So, Q13 asked the experts at PEMCO Insurance about buying a car seat.

They say the right seat is one that fits your child, fits your car and is easy to use every time your child rides in the car.

“You’ll also want to look for one that’s age appropriate,” said Kristene Zewe, quality analyst for PEMCO Insurance. “So rear-facing for children 2 and under, pre-schoolers can be in a forward-facing car seat and booster seats for older children once they meet the weight and height requirements.”

When you're out shopping for a car seat, here's a list of features you should look for.

  • Big side wings at the top that help keep your child's head upright and protected in a crash
  • Straps that don't twist
  • At least a five point harness to reduce your child's risk of slipping out of the seat.
  • Multiple clips on the chest straps to keep them from moving around

When you decide on a car seat, PEMCO says do not throw away the warranty card.

"I know most people just like to toss those because they don't want to add to their junk mail, but in this case it's really important," said Zewe. "Send that it in the event of any kind of safety recall, you'll be notified promptly and it will make getting any repairs or replacement get done quick and easy."

Installing a car seat correctly can be a lot harder than it looks. So, PEMCO recommends parents, caregivers and anyone else who watches your kids to take advantage of car seat installation clinics.

You can check to find a car seat check location near you.

PEMCO says you can still buy the best car seat without going over budget.

The most important thing is the safety of your child rather than paying extra money for a designer brand seat or premium fabric.

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