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So long sun? Hello rain and rain and rain…

SEATTLE -- We're heading into a rainy pattern. But the good news is that it won't be as cold.

Wednesday will be wet and breezy with mountain snow. Later in the day there will be some dry periods from the rain shadow but overall Western Washington will just be wet, Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said.

"Thursday looks sloppy with more rain and wind. Thursday will be a little more mild so the passes will get less snow."

Friday will see less rain and it will be mild as lows stay in the mid 40s.

But just as you start to think it's gone, "Saturday and Sunday look sloppy again and we get some isolated thunderstorms mixed in."

Several of days ahead will have more than half an inch per day. The last time we had more than half of an inch of rain in one day was February 1, Kelley said.