Survive The Sound: How to join our team!

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It’s tough in Puget Sound for steelhead. Just how tough? Join our team and play along with us as we watch our fish (Sam Q Newsfish) navigate predators, disease and pollution in his 12-day migratory race to survive Puget Sound.

Our team is Q13 Staff & Viewers. It costs $5 to sponsor our fish or $25 to choose one of 48 funny looking steelhead smolts and follow along with us. All proceeds help Long Live the Kings restore wild salmon and steelhead, and support free classroom participation.

These fish will face all sorts of obstacles along the way, and few will survive. It’s up to you to pick the fish that will make it to the finish line alive. Sponsor more than one fish, invite friends, or build a big team to have a chance at winning the grand prizes!

The migration begins May 7th. Each day we’ll update you on our fish’s progress and learn a little more about the science behind wild salmon and steelhead recovery.


What are the different ways I can participate in Survive the Sound?

1. Sponsor a fish and individually - If you simply have a favorite steelhead (or 5 favorite steelhead) you want to support and follow, this is the best way. Click on your favorite fish at, click “pick me,” and scroll to the bottom to click the continue button. Complete the checkout process from there. Total cost $25.

2. Join a team - This is the least costly way to get the Survive the Sound experience and it’s a great way to show your support for a friend who is trying to raise money to recover salmon and steelhead. The only catch is, you don’t get to pick a fish unless you reach the team’s next $25 fundraising milestone. To join a team, go to, scroll down to the “Join a Team” section, find the team you want to contribute to and click “join.” From there, scroll down to click the continue button and complete the check out.

3. Create a team - If you’re interested in making a big splash in salmon and steelhead recovery, this is the option that allows you to create your own team name and invite your friends to contribute. Go to, scroll down to the “Join a Team” section, and click “Create a Team.” Then pick a “captain fish” to represent your team and specify a name. You may also specify an affiliation (organization/business) and owner (contact person). After you checkout you can invite your friends to join by clicking “invite friends.” Each person who reaches a $25 fundraising milestone when contributing to your team gets to select a new fish to add. The more fish you add, the greater your odds are of having the most surviving fish.

Can my place of employment get involved?
Absolutely! We’d suggest forming a company team and asking your coworkers to join. Contact for more resources to help bring Survive the Sound to your office.

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