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Survive The Sound: Follow our fish’s journey

Meet Sam Q Newsfish. He represents one of the thousands of real-life steelhead who migrated to Puget Sound in Spring 2017.

Using acoustic receivers and tagging some 500 fish, Long Live the Kings was able to recreate the actual paths the steelhead took highlighting the pitfalls that cost a majority of fish their lives.

Beginning May 7th, follow Sam Q Newsfish's journey to Puget Sound.

He'll have to navigate predators, disease and pollution in his 12-day migratory race. Hopefully, he'll survive. But honestly, we don't know.

You can sponsor our fish for $5. Each day we’ll update you on Sam’s progress and learn a little more about the science behind wild salmon and steelhead recovery.

You can also join our team and get to choose a funny cartoon fish of your own to track. It costs $25. Click on your favorite fish at SurvivetheSound.org, click “pick me,” and scroll to the bottom to click the continue button.

All proceeds help Long Live the Kings restore wild salmon and steelhead, and support free classroom participation.

Click here for more information about Survive the Sound.