Police say man led them on wild chase through King County after they mistook him for shooting suspect

SEATTLE – A case of mistaken identity got ugly quickly Tuesday afternoon.

Police said a man driving an unreported stolen truck led them on a wild chase through South Seattle that was caught on video Tuesday afternoon.

The man hit several other vehicles during the course  of the chase, but there were no serious injuries. The man was arrested on suspicion of stealing the truck, as well as several hit and run collisions.

According to a release from Seattle police:

Police tried to stop the truck around 1:15 p.m. in the 4400 block of 4th Ave. S. because they thought the driver might be the suspect in an earlier shooting.

The driver sped off, driving through red lights and stop signs as police chased him. During the pursuit, the man ran into several other cars in Seattle, then headed into Tukwila, got on northbound I-5, exited I-5, then headed back south toward Tukwila.

Police finally stopped the truck using a PIT maneuver in the 5700 block of S. 272nd St.

It turned out the man wasn’t the shooting suspect. The investigating is ongoing.