UW cherry blossoms to bloom next week!

University of Washington

SEATTLE — Blossoms on the iconic University of Washington Quad cherry trees are ready to bloom!

“It’s hard to tell with an untrained eye, but the buds are more rounded and fuller than before, and a green tip is visible at the top of each bud,” the university wrote in a post.

Peak bloom typically happens 16 to 21 days after this stage leading UW arborist Sara Shores to believe peak bloom could still happen two weeks from now. That’s the week of March 19.

“Bloom timing varies each year and depends mostly on the amount of daylight and consistency of temperatures. If we have a stretch of days reaching over 50 degrees F, that bodes well for blooming. Alternatively, if it gets colder for a longer stretch, the blooming will stall.”

Last year, the trees in the Quad reached full bloom the week of March 26, within the typical timeframe. The two years before that, however, the blooms were early.

The iconic cherry trees in the Quad are over 80 years old and in good health for their age. The trees were moved from a location near the Montlake Bridge and planted in the Quad in the 1960s when they were already at least 20 years old.

Here’s a look at last  year’s bloom: