Avoid baggage fees and keep your valuables safe during your flight

Flying is not cheap. Most airlines charge at least $25 per checked bag.

People try to squeeze as much as they can into carry-on bags to avoid paying a fee. If you have to check your baggage, there are certain things to leave out.

“The number one thing to keep in mind is keep your prescription medications with you,” says Kristene Zewe, a quality analyst with PEMCO Insurance. “You also want to keep your valuables with you electronics, cash, jewelry that kind of thing that’s suspect to damage or theft of course.”

You also need to make sure you know what you can and can’t bring in your carry-on and what you need to check in.

You have to keep safety in mind when you're thinking about carrying your luggage on the plane or checking it in. PEMCO Insurance says people have hurt themselves trying to put their heavy bag in the overhead bin. You could also drop it on someone else sitting below.

For checked baggage, there's the risk of someone stealing from it.

"When you're packing just before you put everything in your suitcase, take a couple photos or maybe narrate a quick video on your phone," says Zewe. "That way if something does happen to any of your belongings, you'll have a record that you can file a claim with your insurance company, the airline, or even your credit card. Some of them offer baggage protection as well."

PEMCO Insurance says a better option is to ship your items ahead of time to save money.

"That works really well if you're staying with relatives," says Zewe. "Even a lot of hotels now will accept package delivery for you if they know ahead of time that it's coming."

Be sure to check the Transportation Security Administration website to see the liquids rule for carry-on bags and checked baggage.