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Things to think about before hiring a house cleaner

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Spring is right around corner, so you might hear a lot of people talk about spring cleaning.

You can clean up yourself or hire a house cleaner. PEMCO Insurance says most people who use house cleaners are between the ages of 30 and 50 because of a full-time job or taking care of kids at home.

The best way to hire a house cleaner is to do the same thing you would do if you were hiring a project contractor. You should get referrals from friends and family. Then, check online review sources like Angie’s List or Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook.

Once you have a list, start the interview process and get quotes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and whoever you are interviewing for the job:

  • Do I pay by the hour or by the job?
  • What services will you provide?
  • Who provides the cleaning supplies?
  • What happens if one of us has to cancel?
  • How will you keep my key secure?
  • What should I do with my pet?

PEMCO recommends choosing a company that uses its own employees because they are more likely to have background check on employees.

Another good is thing that these companies often send two to three person work crews. That makes it less likely a cleaner would be careless or do something they're not supposed to inside your house.

PEMCO says before the cleaning visit, take some time to hide valuables including personal information that could be used for identity theft.