Coming home: One Sea Gals’ family ties to Hong Kong

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HONG KONG -- Ninety-six hours. That's how long the Sea Gals had in Hong Kong, where they rang in the Chinese New Year, representing the Seahawks and the NFL.

And with time limited, it was the balance of playing tourist, taking in the sights and getting a taste of the local flare.

While it seemed foreign to most, being in Hong Kong was like coming home for Sea Gal Kiana.

"Both my dad's parents were actually born and raised here and in the late 1930s my grandfather went over to the States to start his life. He got drafted into the war and then he came back to Hong Kong, where he married my grandmother and they moved back to the United States and raised a family," says Kiana.

"It's kind of been a little overwhelming, just like I'm trying to take everything in as much as I can in these few days just trying to connect with my culture and, like my grandparents, culture and everything they did growing up," says Kiana.

And it's meant a lot to her family for her to be here as well.

"Getting to be here with the team and get to dance in the Chinese New Year Parade, I mean that holiday is a huge deal for my family," says Kiana, "for me to be here for this celebration. I think they were really excited for me to be able to do that."

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