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42 percent of non-smokers want extra time off to make up for smokers’ cigarette breaks, study finds

Two-thirds of non-smokers feel they should get extra paid time off to compensate for their smoking co-workers, a new survey finds.

The survey was conducted by Halo Cigs, an electronic cigarette company. Over 1,000 people were surveyed about smoke breaks.

According to the survey, about 81 percent of smokers believe smoke breaks are fair. Meanwhile, 74.8 percent of non-smokers disagreed.

The survey also estimated that the average smoker uses six days a year on work smoke breaks. When asked how many extra vacation days should be offered to non-smokers to make up for that, 38 percent of smokers and 20 percent of non-smokers said none should be offered.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of smokers and 42 percent of non-smoker say non-smokers should get three to five vacation days to be fair.

As far as smokers giving up their smoke breaks? Those surveyed said they would do so if they got 11 extra vacation days in return.