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Look up and look out for cellphone thieves in Kent

KENT, Wash. – There’s a warning from police Thursday night about something we’re all guilty of doing.  How often are you just buried in your phone?  Thieves in Kent are preying on people walking around with their cellphones out in the open.

The Kent Police Department sent out a warning on its Facebook page after seeing a spike in phone theft case in recent weeks.

“I don’t even think someone is going to come and grab the phone out of my hand, and I’m not a fast runner, so,” said Rosaline Palaita.

So someone like Palaita might be the perfect victim for a recent crime rash in Kent.

The police department posted on Facebook a warning about thieves snatching phones saying, “Keep phone in pocket, purse etc (but keep easily accessible) so that it is not visible to others.”

“Even if it’s on here, if they really wanted it, they could probably take it,” said Emeli.

Emeli keeps her phone close to her chest so it’s easy to reach for her -- and thieves.  But it’s not just the physical phone.

“I have a lot of personal information on my cellphone and I would hate for someone I didn’t know to have the information that I have on my phone,” said Palaita.

It’s why Palaita promises to practice better habits, just like Elizabeth.

“I don’t check my Facebook or anything until I’m in my car and I’m not around people,” said Elizabeth.

So be like Elizabeth.  Look up and look out for thieves.

Kent Police also sent out some tips:

Don't text and walk.

Don't walk with earphones in so that you can hear what’s happening around you.

Walk with your head up so you are able to see your surroundings.