Sun in the lowlands, snow in the mountains this week – and maybe lowland snow Sunday

Snow at Stevens Pass. (Credit: Stevens Pass Mountain Resort)

SEATTLE – Snow in the mountains tonight, for sure.

Snow in the lowlands this weekend? Well, maybe.

Another blast of winter is passing through, with about 7 inches of new snow expected in the mountains on Tuesday night, Q13 News meteorologist Walter Kelley said.

“It will make for slick roads up there, so expect a slow go over the mountains Wednesday,” Kelley said.

The lowlands will be quite a bit nicer after some rain Wednesday morning on the Eastside. Expect dry and sunny weather Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

On Friday, some passing showers will move through, and Saturday should be wet with wind gusts of up to 30 mph.

The mountains will get another bit shot of snow Saturday.

And then … Sunday.

“Sunday will be interesting because it will be cold enough to snow for the lowlands, but it is also a race against the moisture exiting the area,” Kelley said. “Right now, the best places for snow would be higher hills away from Puget Sound and around the Hood Canal. I’ll keep my eye on it as we may just end up really cold and sunny.

“At the very least we will have sub-freezing temperatures, with the coldest weather of our winter so far.”