Will Russell Wilson try to play baseball as well? ‘I’ll never say never’

SURPRISE, AZ - MARCH 03: Russell Wilson #3 of the Texas Rangers throws in the outfield during a work out before the game against the Cleveland Indians at Surprise Stadium on March 03, 2014 in Surprise, Arizona. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

SEATTLE – And he thinks he has no time 2 sleep now.

Take this with a very large grain of salt, but Russell Wilson declined to completely rule out the possibility of becoming a two-sport athlete. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback talked to ESPN on Wednesday about the news the Texas Rangers had traded his baseball rights to the New York Yankees.

Wilson said it fulfilled a longtime dream to be part of his late father’s favorite team.

“I think he’s smiling from ear to ear,” Wilson told ESPN. “It was always something we talked about. He used to watch all the old Yankees and tell me stories. To be able put on the pinstripes, it’s pretty exciting. It’s going to give me chills.”

Wilson said being a two-sport star in the vein of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders has “always been a dream” for him, but mostly seemed to acknowledge that he needs to focus on his day job.

“At this point in my life, playing quarterback in the NFL is a job I love and a responsibility I work on and take seriously every single day,” he said. “My main goal is to win multiple Super Bowls coming up, to keep winning games and do my job at the highest level I can. But at the same time, I can also embrace the journey that baseball has taken me on and be around championship players like the Yankees.”

Nervous Seahawks fans will latch onto the “at this point in my life” part of that quote, and they won’t much like what Wilson had to say next, either.

“I always say, ‘Nothing is impossible,’” Wilson said. “I’ll never say never. But my focus is on football and winning championships right now.”