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Chemical in McDonald’s fries may be the cure to baldness, study finds

What if we told you french fry oil could cure baldness?

Researchers say a chemical used to keep fry oil from bubbling over can do just that.

Scientists in Japan have found dimethylpolysiloxane can grow hair on bald mice and they think it could do the same on bald humans.

When the cells were cultured in the cooking aid, they grew 500 hair follicle germs, according to a report by the Evening Standard. The follicle germs were then transplanted into the bald mice, and fur sprouted within a few days.

“We demonstrated that the integrity of the oxygen supply through the bottom of the silicone chip was crucial to enabling both HFG formation and subsequent hair shaft generation,” Prof Junji Fukuda, of Yokohama National University told The Mirror. "This simple method is very robust and promising. We hope this technique will improve regenerative therapy to treat hair loss such as androgenic alopecia."