‘Worst moment of my life:’ Seahawks TE breaks down infamous Super Bowl interception

The interception during Super Bowl XLIX

SEATTLE — Seattle tight end Luke Willson joined Barstool Sports to talk about a moment that haunts every 12’s memory.  A moment that happened three years ago Thursday.

The Super Bowl XLIX interception.

“It was probably the worst moment of my life,” Willson said in the interview.

Warning: This clip contains graphic language.

Willson’s retelling is perhaps the most comprehensive outline of the infamous play to-date. He describes schemes leading up to it, the play everyone thought would be called, and the coverage he saw from the Patriots.

He went into detail about the anger in despair in the locker room, including an unnamed player who punched a wall out of frustration, breaking his hand.

“He busts his entire hand in the locker room,” Willson said.

Malcom Butler of the New England Patriots intercepted the fourth-quarter pass from Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson, in one of the most talked about blunders in Super Bowl history.

Willson told Barstool Sports he wasn’t angry at the coaches after the play, unlike some in the locker room.

“I see what they saw,” Willson said, referring to the defensive alignment from the Patriots. “There is some logic behind what they were doing.”

Still, Willson said the play he would have called was different from the one the coaches ultimately did.

“If it’s me I’m running the ball to Marshawn,” Willson said.

Already, some wondered who broke their hand in the locker room following the game. No answers were immediately forthcoming.