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Two Sasquatch-themed bills moving through Washington’s legislature

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — Want Sasquatch on your license plate? Or a Forest Yeti as our official state symbol? Two bills currently being discussed in the state legislature are Bigfoot-inspired.

Senate Bill 6151 would allow for the creation a bigfoot-themed specialty license plate.

The plates would cost $40, plus regular fees related to new plates. After the first year, the cost to keep the license plate is $30 in addition to tab renewal fees.

Sales from the special plates would go to programs and facilities in Washington’s public parks.

Under the bill, the bigfoot-themed specialty license plate would be sold starting 2019.

Washington currently offers about 50 different specialty license plates, and one with the image of a waterfall and lake, which also benefits the state parks.

Bigfoot Waiting to be Interviewed

Senate Bill 5816 wants to make Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Forest Yeti Washington’s “official cryptid.”

A cryptid is defined by Oxford dictionary as an “animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.”

Currently, Washington doesn’t have a state cryptid.

Republican Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center introduced a similar bill last year. She is behind both bills this year.

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