Man orders pizza, robs driver using same number he’d ordered with 4 days before: Pierce County deputies


A man ordered pizza using the same phone he’d used to do so four days earlier, then stuck a gun in the delivery driver’s leg and robbed her of a pizza, some cookies and bread at a University Place apartment complex on Friday, the Pierce County sheriff’s department said.

The 20-year-old man allegedly told sheriff’s deputies he’d “made a stupid mistake” and “robbed the pizza girl,” and lamented that he had “messed up his whole life over eight bucks in pizza.” He was booked into Pierce County Jail for first-degree robbery and first-degree assault.

According to the sheriff’s department:

The man called Pizza Hut and identified himself as “David Adams,” ordering $81.24 worth of food delivered to an apartment complex in the 7300 block of Chambers Creek Rd. W. The driver couldn’t find him, so she called and he asked her to meet him in front of one of the buildings.

The driver got out of her car in front of the building, and two male suspects walked up. One pulled a gun and pressed it into her leg, then ordered her to hand over the food. She did so, and they ran off with the food.

She called 911, and deputies asked Pizza Hut to run the phone number and see if anybody had ever ordered pizza from it. Somebody had; an order to the same address under a different name had been placed four days earlier.

Deputies went to the apartment where the previous order had been placed and knocked on the door. Deputies said loud music was playing and they could smell marijuana, and somebody inside said “don’t answer” when they announced their presence. Soon the music was turned off and it grew quiet inside.

One of the deputies circled around to the back and saw several men putting their shoes on out on the balcony and figured they were probably going to jump and make a run for it. Deputies yelled at them to stay put, and somebody opened the front door and let them in.

Once they were inside, deputies found five males and two females, as well as several Pizza Hut boxes containing half-eaten food that matched the order. One of the men’s names matched the earlier order.

Deputies said they also found a loaded Glock .40 under a couch cushion.

While they were in the apartment, the deputies called the phone number in question and a phone in the apartment started to ring.

Everybody else in the apartment denied they were involved in the robbery, and several said the food was already there when they showed up.