Woman linked to fatal car prowl incident in Sammamish gets 4 1/2 years for felony hit-and-run, ID theft

Mo Radcliffe, 22, was run over and killed while trying to stop a car prowl in Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish last week.

SEATTLE — Kadeidre Alana Rials, 23, of Kent, accused of being part of a botched car prowl incident in Sammamish that resulted in the death of the son of a Seattle police officer, has been sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty to  felony hit-and-run and identity theft.

Rials was sentenced Wednesday in King County Superior Court as part of a plea agreement.

The case stems from a crime that was committed Jan. 25, 2017, at Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish. Moises Radcliffe, the son of a veteran Seattle police officer, and his girlfriend were walking his dog in the park and returned to his car to find it had been broken into and items taken.

According to court documents, Radcliffe’s girlfriend said Radcliffe got his handgun out of the trunk of the car and confronted suspects in an SUV in the parking lot, but he was run over, dragged and killed while he was firing shots at the SUV.

In addition to Rials, two teenagers were arrested in the case. Police say they were passengers in the SUV and that Rials was driving that day.

According to court documents, one of the teenagers who had been in the SUV, identified in the documents as T.D., told police that after committing a couple of car prowls in the park’s parking lot, they saw Radcliffe and his girlfriend walking back to their car and that Rials began backing the SUV out of their parking space to leave the park.

T.D. said she “suddenly saw a man (Radcliffe) standing near the front passenger window of the SUV, pointing at handgun at them. TD said she ducked down in her seat and heard a number of gunshots, and the SUV seemed to lose traction (‘do a donut’). They fled the scene in the Infinity.

“T.D. said that they did not realize the SUV had struck anyone until later that day when Radcliffe’s death was reported on the news,” police say in the court documents.

They were later arrested after trying to use stolen credit cards.