Strangers from across the world write letters to 101-year-old Issaquah grandma

ISSAQUAH, Wash. - Cake and balloons are not something you expect to see at a UPS store but it was all for a local grandmother who turned 101 years old.

“People are interested in this little old lady I don’t understand it,” Grandma Eileen said.

All she wanted was one handwritten letter from a friend this year instead Eileen got 100 letters from people across the country, strangers from as far away as Germany and Brazil.

“It makes me feel so good my heart is pumping right now,” Grandma Eileen said.

Her grandson in New York City came up with the idea to ask people to write a letter to his grandmother. The UPS store heard about it and suggested a surprise party.

The idea took off fast that’s because Eileen is already a bit of a celebrity.

Her grandson set up a lemonade stand inviting people off the street in New York City to video chat with Eileen.

She’s since talked to countless strangers about everything and anything.

She also has social media pages with fans following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Her popularity is simply that Eileen lives in the moment.

“She doesn’t care about money she doesn’t want to monetize anything,” grandson Mike Matthews said.

But she cares about people and she cares about laughing.

“When I reached a 100 they said wait till you reach 101 I said I am never going to make it,” Eileen said.

Family members and fans are hoping her sense of humor remains for yet another birthday.