Help ID suspect seen buying burgers with credit card stolen from violent robbery

What does a crook do after getting his hands on a credit card stolen from a violent robbery? Buy a Big Mac, of course.

Arlington Police want to know the name of this guy who super-sized a vicious crime. “We had a 911 call from an individual stating that he had been severely assaulted and thought he may have been stabbed,” said Kristen Banfield with Arlington Police. “The individual was transported down to Providence Hospital with multiple facial injuries, broken ribs, some other injuries. While he was at the hospital it was discovered that his credit cards were being used in the community at two different locations, one a convenience store and the other one a McDonald’s.”

Detectives do not think the burger-buying credit card crook is the robbery suspect, so they hope getting him identified will tell them how he got the card and who the attacker is.

He rode a mountain bike to the two businesses he used the credit card at and wore some pretty distinctive head wear. "You'll note that he's wearing a khaki hat with a large "W" on it, so we're assuming that's a Washington Huskies hat. You know, it's Husky territory around here, so you do have a lot of University of Washington hats, this one's a little bit unusual in that it's the khaki with the large "W" on it, so most often we see the white ones or the purple hats, so hopefully somebody would recognize that,” said Banfield.

If you know his name and your tip to Crime Stoppers leads to his arrest -- you're going to be able to buy all the Big Mac’s you want!

Call the hotline at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477), or use the P3 Tips App to submit your information.