Man doused with gasoline, set on fire in Seattle shares that terrifying moment

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SNOHOMISH, Wash. — Kasey Busch is grateful to be recovering at home in Snohomish with his family.

In November, surveillance cameras captured the horrifying moment when police say Chris Burrus doused Kasey with a cup full of gasoline and then set him on fire.

In an interview Thursday, Kasey said Burrus was an acquaintance but not a friend. Kasey said he had an argument with Burrus’ girlfriend just minutes before the vicious attack.

“He walked up to the car and he threw the 64-ounce cup of gasoline on me,” Kasey said.

Kasey suffered devastating burns over roughly 35 percent of his body.

“It was mostly on my right side, but it’s my whole back, my whole entire back,” Kasey said.

Kasey spent two months in Harborview Medical Center. His family now helps tend to his bandages, which have to be changed once a day.

Kasey said he just doesn’t know what comes next for him. He used to work as a commercial diver, conducted boat inspections and welded -- odd jobs -- and spends time with his 14-year-old daughter.

As for Burrus, who is still at large, Kasey said he’s angry sometimes, but mostly he just feels sorry for him.

The focus right now is on his physical therapy. And while Kasey can move his fingers, he’s still working on regaining mobility.

But it’s the emotions that move through him to this day, that may take much longer to heal.

“It’s been an emotional roller-coaster -- and I’ve had a lot of family get involved, which is really nice."

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