Woman gets tattoo that plays voicemail from late grandmother

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CHICAGO, Ill. – A Chicago singer is using technology – both new and old – to hear her late grandmother’s voice whenever she wants.

Sakyrah Angelique got a tattoo under her left collar bone that an app can read using her cellphone’s camera.

Angelique tweeted a video Tuesday night of her listening to a voicemail from her grandmother.

Her grandmother made the phone call a month before she passed away, wishing her granddaughter a happy birthday.

Angelique said she was holding onto her grandmother’s voicemail for almost three years, not sure what to do with it.

Then, she discovered Skin Motion’s technology that enabled her to hear her grandmother’s voice. Whether it be a song, a bark of an old dog or a past loved one’s voice, a Skin Motion user can upload an audio file, tattoo the resulting “Soundwave” pattern and play the audio whenever they like by scanning the ink with an app.




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