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Harbor seal stuck in cedar log rescued

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Remember the story of Winnie the Pooh getting his head stuck in the honey jar? That story was the inspiration for the name staff members at Camano Island State Park gave to a helpless harbor seal who got its head stuck in a cedar log.

On Dec. 11, park visitors Roy and Carol Spires discovered ‘Winnie’ ( the harbor seal) washed up on the beach with its head stuck in the log.

Camano staff speculated about how ‘Winnie’ the seal got its head stuck in the first place. Chasing some fish? Just plain insatiable curiosity?

Whatever the reason, staff and visitors knew something had to be done soon, or things would get dire for the seal.

With some good old-fashioned teamwork, staff inserted a wedge and were able to split the log and free ‘Winnie!’

After shaking off the shock of its predicament, the seal immediately scampered off into Saratoga Passage and swam away.

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