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Gregoire commuted felon’s life sentence; now, he faces murder charge

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KENT, Wash. — A man who had a previous life sentence commuted by the Washington state governor is now facing a new murder charge.

The King County prosecutor’s office is accusing 50-year-old Stonney Marcus Rivers of murder and assault for the shooting death of a man in a Kent motel room in early November.

His attorney didn’t immediately respond for comment.

Authorities say Rivers shot a man in the head after approaching a couple inside the motel room looking for drugs.

Rivers could face another life sentence if convicted. He’s being held without bail.

Former Gov. Christine Gregoire had commuted Rivers’ previous life sentence in 2013 in her final days in office.

Rivers was released in 2013 from his prison sentence for a third “strike” or violent crime conviction in 1995.

A second man, 47-year-old Theneious Swafford, was also arrested and charged with first degree murder.