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Techno Thursday: Why we hope to see Seahawks dancing, playing ‘air flute’

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RENTON, Wash. — It’s not exactly the pied piper.

You might have wondered what was happening  Sunday as Seahawks players danced around Luke  Willson as he played the football like a flute.

The tight end says the new tradition only took 2.5 minutes to come up with. But “Techno Thursday” has transcended its practice status, and made its way into a Sunday touchdown celebration.


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So where did it come from?

Q13 News sports anchor Michelle Ludtka interviewed the tight end from Canada to find out how the touchdown celebration came to be.

“The truth is, I’ve always like enjoyed techno music, but I’ve never been a die-hard fan,” said Willson. “We had a techno Thursday and I was kind of getting into it and I was like, hey man, we need to do something kinda funny … so I just put SoundCloud on. And in SoundCloud when your playlist ends, it’ll just play random songs. This song came on, I didn’t see the title, it just came on. I’m like, wow, this had a really good buildup going.”

OK, but what does the flute have to do with a techno song?

“I’m like, oh, this sounds like it’s gonna have a really heavy beat drop. Right when the beat was supposed to drop, (Buddy G) comes on and just starts shredding with the flute and I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was the most absurd thing. I started laughing, and it brought me back to a time in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had a very good friend of mine, who was from my hometown, and we were up there in the offseason. He might’ve been a little intoxicated, but we were in the back of an Uber and the song “What Do You Mean” came on, by Justin Bieber. He was actually playing a flute on that song, so I started laughing and I was like hey, he kinda reminded me of my buddy Slim (we’ll call him Slim). And then I just started thinking, I was like, this has got to be our new song.”

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Willson decided to enlist the help of the Seahawks equipment team to take the celebration to the next level.

“Then from there, we tossed some ideas around. I was like, hey, we’re gonna get Tanner (McEvoy) as a snake. I was like, you know what would be even cooler: If he came out of a box. So we talked to the equipment guys and we had the box made up and brought onto the field. So the equipment guys brought it out there, and then Jimmy (Graham) did the rest and we coordinated it all and that’s how it went down.”

See for yourself in Willson’s Instagram video:

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Another successful Techno Thursday. #itsamovement

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And so a movement was born — introduced to the world during Sunday’s game against Washington after a 10-yard touchdown pass from Wilson to Willson.

Techno Thursday also means players, and even coach Pete Carroll, wear short shorts to practice.

We have the photos to prove it.

Russell Wilson says he’s in, too.

“Yes, I’m wearing short shorts again. You guys can see my thighs today.”

During an Oct. 26 news conference, he also called it  “one, weird, interesting way” to develop team camaraderie.

Luke Willson said most of the team was in on the fun. He jokingly called Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin “terrible teammates” because they refused to join the short shorts movement.

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Did you notice the jersey that said Macklemore? That’s actually Tanner McEvoy.

Apparently Willson asked the equipment team to make the jersey change especially for Techno Thursday.

Why you might ask? McEvoy says it’s because of their similar haircuts. Willson said there are other factors but didn’t elaborate.

And just in case you’re hooked on the song, it’s called Flute by New World Sound & Thomas Newson.

Here’s to hoping Techno Thursday makes an appearance in tonight’s game.

After all, it’s a movement. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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