Man stabbed and killed after entering another man’s personal space

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PHOENIX, AZ — A 58-year-old man allegedly stabbed and killed another man after entering his personal space on Tuesday, according to Phoenix police.

Court documents said 58-year-old Richard Rains was sitting on a blanket underneath a tree near Interstate 17 and Thomas Road when another man approached him.

Rains told police that the victim began asking him about drugs, specifically heroin. The victim proceeded to leave and then later return, asking to borrow Rains’ cell phone.

Rains denied the victim’s request to use his cell phone, stating no one uses his phone. At this point, the victim became agitated and Rains got angry over the situation.

According to the court documents, Rains said the victim proceeded to lunge at him, entering his personal space. Feeling threatened, Rains stabbed him once in the chest.

Rains told police the victim did not have any weapons on him.

Officers and fire personnel located the victim walking eastbound and transported him to a hospital. The victim later died from his injury.

Rains called 911 after stabbing the man and told police he was protecting himself and his dog.

Rains was booked into jail and is being charged with one count of second-degree murder. His bond was set at $250,000.