Meet Lexi! #WhyNotMePets

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SEATTLE -- If you are looking for a new, active friend, meet Lexi!

She is a seven-year-old large breed mix who acts a like she is a two or three-year-old. Sadly, Lexi has been in and out of shelters for year snow. She is currently living at Camano Animal Shelter.

Shelter workers told us she is having a hard time getting adopted mostly because people underestimate her love for activity. She would really fit well with people who are active, fun and as happy as her.

Lexi would fit well in a home with a large family, the more members the better. She loves kids, cats and other dogs, especially a playmate around her size.

She is potty trained and crate trained, but if she is left in a backyard with short fences, she could escape. Lexi also knows how to sit, stay and looks forward to learning more commands.