Kam Chancellor: ‘I like giving all of me to my teammates’

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RENTON, Wash. – Listen to Kam Chancellor talk for a few minutes, and you’ll get a good idea of why he’s arguably the most respected man in the Seattle Seahawks’ locker room.

Pay close attention, and you’ll hear him talk about the same thing over and over: His teammates.

How much he respects his teammates.

The lengths to which he goes to support his teammates.

How badly he wants to be there for his teammates.

“I always tell people, I want my legacy to be that I want to be known as one of the best teammates you could every play with,” Chancellor said during an exclusive interview with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX. “One of the hardest-playing you’ve ever played with. One of the hardest-working teammates you could ever play with. One of the most caring teammates you could every play with.”

The Legion of Boom in particular has long been a tight-knit group. Chancellor said that as the players have matured, they’ve stayed close but have had to bow to the reality that some aspects of the relationship must fall by the wayside – including an annual trip to Lake Chelan.

“You know, life’s been hitting guys,” Chancellor said. “The kids, marriage – so we haven’t been able to get away to Lake Chelan lately. But we have one planned for next year.”

Chancellor said the veterans in the Seahawks’ defensive backfield know each other so well, there’s no worries they’re drifting apart.

“We’re just not as available as we used to be, but the connection’s still there, we still talk,” he said. “We see each other (at the VMAC) all day -you can’t just not talk to each other here, so we see each other here at work all day, we still have that brotherhood.

“But off the field, it’s a little tougher because of the families that we have. Like I said, life hits. There’s a lot of endorsements, things people are doing. All types of stuff that everybody’s involved in – business – so it’s just kind of hard. It’s all good stuff, it’s all production.”

Though there were reports of discord during the offseason, Chancellor said the locker room remains a positive place.

“I don’t pay no attention to any of that stuff,” he said. “I’m in the locker room, having a good time with all my teammates. I don’t pay any attention to any of it.”

That off-the-field presence is at least part of the reason Chancellor got a three-year, $36 million contract extension earlier this month.

“I don’t really see this game or this team as just me by myself,” Chancellor said. “I like giving all of me to my teammates, so that it’ll reciprocate and come right back.

“So, I just want to see myself as the most giving, most caring and most humble teammate that you can have.”

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