Justin Britt’s roots as a wrestling champ

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SEATTLE – Justin Britt still hasn’t won a Super Bowl title, but at least he’s got that wrestling trophy to fall back on.

The Seattle Seahawks’ center won a heavyweight state wrestling title his senior year in high school in Lebanon, Mo., capping off an undefeated season.

“It was pretty easy, but I wouldn’t say I’m better at one thing or the other,” Britt said during an exclusive interview with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX.  “I definitely wouldn’t have gone to college for wrestling – there was way too much running without getting to hit anybody.”

Choosing football was clearly the right choice for Britt, who made a huge jump forward last season and solidified himself as the Seahawks’ center. Britt says it was an easy decision.

“I definitely wouldn’t have gone to college for wrestling,” Britt said. “There was way too much running without getting to hit anybody.”

Britt hasn’t given up on martial arts completely, still practicing MMA as a form of cross-training for coordination and agility. But his real takeaway has been on the mental side.

“it was just me out there,” he said. Everyone’s watching me. I couldn’t rely on my left guard or right guard to bail me out if I took a wrong step. It was just me. And I won or I lost, and everyone saw it.”

The competitiveness he learned has served him well in Pete Carroll’s “always compete” system.

“My senior year for sure, I didn’t want to lose,” he said. “I almost didn’t want to give up points, and that kind of sticks with me now.”

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