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Russell Wilson talks dirty diapers, ‘hiking the baby out’

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SEATTLE – Of COURSE, Russell Wilson is a doting father, and of COURSE, he describes the miracle of childbirth in football terms.

The Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback sat down for an exclusive interview with Q13 News, in part discussing the 3-month-old girl his wife, Ciara, gave birth to in April.

“To be able to have a newborn in our lives now, Sienna, she’s so cute,” Wilson said. “We’re very, very grateful, Ciara and I, and little Future, too, is super excited to have a little sister and be the big bro. It’s been exciting. A little bit less sleep, even though I don’t get much anyway, but it’s been good.”

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Wilson’s daughter – full name Sienna Princess Wilson – was born a healthy 7-pounds, 13-ounces on April 28.

As you might expect, Wilson said he got right to work.

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“I was able to change the first diaper, so that was good, and I was able to hike the baby out, so that’s always good too,” he said.

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Wilson and his teammates begin training camp Sunday. You can watch a two-hour special live from the VMAC on opening day beginning at 10 a.m. on the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX.

Wilson joins a growing list of Seahawks players who came up together and are now starting families. Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and his wife welcomed a daughter in June, and fellow stars like Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas have also added to their families in recent years.

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“There’s a lot of guys on our team that are having children right now,” Wilson said. “I remember when I first got here in 2012, we were all super young. We were all rookies and second-year players, some third-year players, but we were all extremely, extremely young. And now we still are very young. I mean, I’m still going into my sixth year. I got a lot more to go.

“And so, to be able to see life come together and see families come together – there’s gonna be more kids to play with, that’s for sure.”

So what do all these kids mean for the Seahawks on the field?

“It doesn’t change anything,” Wilson said. “The only thing it changes – in a good way – I think it changes your perspective. It changes it, and it enhances it, and it enhances my perspective of life.

“Once you see a baby come out, it’s an amazing miracle when you really think about it. It’s definitely a blessing, that’s for sure.”

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