Man climbs up under Seattle’s Aurora Bridge, risks life to ‘Snapchat’ fireworks show

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SEATTLE — A daring 26-year-old man climbed up under the Aurora Bridge and risked his life in order to get a good view of Tuesday night’s fireworks show on Lake Union and post his work on Snapchat.

At its high point, the bridge is 155 feet above the water, the height of a 15-story building.

(Photo courtesy of Justin van Schaick)

Dutch tourist Justin van Schaick walking below saw the man. He said the climber walked very carefully and appeared to be taking selfies before the police and firefighters showed up.

“It was really funny,” van Schaick told Q13 News. “He yelled down at the police, ‘Can you guys not make a scene?’ Which, of course, was funny because they were there because of him.”

The climber, identified as Trevor Leong, told The Seattle Times that he did climb the bridge, but said he wasn’t taking selfies — he was taking Snapchat photos of the view.

The Seattle Times also quoted him as saying, "I do enjoy climbing things. It’s a sense of exclusivity when you’re up there. … You’re testing yourself every time.”

But after police ordered him to return to earth, Leong was taken to the King County Jail for investigation of misdemeanor criminal trespassing and then released.

Hopefully, he'll find a safer place next year to watch the fireworks.

(Photo courtesy of Justin van Schaick)

(Photo courtesy of Justin van Schaick)