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City of Enumclaw cancels its July Fourth fireworks show … for an all-American reason

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ENUMCLAW, Wash. — The city of Enumclaw had to cancel its fireworks show Tuesday, but they had a pretty good reason for doing so — there was a bald eagle nest nearby.

About a month ago, the city found out that there was an eagle’s nest within a mile from where the fireworks typically are set off — at Southwood Elementary School.

And because the city couldn't find another location, it decided it would be best to cancel the fireworks this year to protect what is a living symbol of America.

"Protecting the animals -- I get it. We've got to co-exist with everybody and everything," said Kevin Grabriel, of Black Diamond.

And this is not the only time that Enumclaw has had to move locations because of bald eagles.

The city said that a few years ago, it had to move locations of the fireworks because an eagle's nest was found near the fairgrounds. The city moved it to the school, thinking they were in the clear.

"I thought that would work again this year, but then we got word that they had the nest up on the trees up there," said Enumclaw City Councilman Steven Cadematori.