Sen. Murray says GOP health bill would cut jobs, close hospitals in Washington

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OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The proposed GOP health bill languishing in the Senate would not only cut health care for thousands of Washingtonians on Medicaid, it would also hurt jobs in the state, Sen. Patty Murray says.

Murray, D-Washington, told Q13 News if the proposed bill passed, some rural hospitals would close,  shuttering jobs as well as healthcare options.

"Rural hospitals would lose their compensated care that  they rely on," Murray said. "Many of them are telling us they would have to close our doors, which means jobs in the community."

Murray said schools would also feel the pinch, as schools receive Medicaid funding.

The proposed bill is part of Senate Republicans' efforts to pass health care reform in attempt to replace Obamacare. The proposed bill stalled earlier this week once it was clear the GOP didn't have enough Senate votes. 

Democrats like Murray have been staunchly opposed to the bill. Washington state officials predict the bill would result in about 72,000 Washingtonians losing their private health care insurance, and over 600,00 individuals losing coverage under state Medicaid programs.

"In terms of who benefits, it's hard for me to see that within this bill that they're proposing," Murray said.

Senate Republicans hope to go back to the drawing board and tweak the bill in order to secure a vote after the July 4 holiday.