Convicted killer released from prison accused in girlfriend’s murder

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EVERETT, Wash. – Police in Everett arrested a man in connection with the brutal murder of a woman who officers said the suspect was dating, 46-year-old Shannon Yeager.

The suspect, 62-year-old John Derosia, is no stranger to the justice system — he already served a decade in prison for murdering his wife.

Derosia has been out of prison since 2014 and in the past three years, the state said he missed only one required meeting with his parole officers.

The suspect’s roommates said he had ongoing issues with the woman he was dating and police said Derosia admitted to killing her.

Investigators claim Derosia went to great lengths to conceal his alleged involvement in the murder.

Court documents allege Derosia first stabbed her near a homeless camp near the Port of Everett – and then went to his home to throw away his blood-stained clothing.

But Derosia told investigators he returned to the scene to try to hide Yeager’s body – but instead he found her still alive. That’s when police said he bashed her head into the cement.

“We ended up talking with him where he confessed,” said Everett Police Department spokesperson Aaron Snell.

On Monday, police served a search warrant at the clean and sober house where Derosia lived. Court records said he hid blood-stained clothing in both his bedroom and attic.

The suspect’s roommates were shocked to learn Derosia was in trouble with the law again.

“I’m not sure if he did it this time,” said Mike Eng. “I don’t want it to be true.”

“I knew about his past but I thought he was doing really well,” said Mike Melang. “He was good at covering the truth, basically.”

Derosia went to prison in 2004 for killing his wife. He also admitted to killing a co-worker and starting a fire to conceal that crime.

Court documents said a passerby first found Yeager laying injured along a popular trail. That person asked a friend to call 911 but police said they never got the call.

The suspect’s roommates believe Yeager might still be alive had someone called police before Derosia returned to the crime scene.

“I think that’s very sad, especially with all the traffic they have down in that area,” said Melang.

The Washington State Department of Corrections told Q13 News that Derosia was considered to be a low risk for reoffending and he was about to be taken off community custody in September.

Now he’s sitting in jail on $1 million bail and could face a murder charge.

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