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Dog forced to run behind men on bikes until she collapsed

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DETROIT -- Good Samaritans in Detroit rescued a white pit bull after two men allegedly made the dog run behind their bikes until she collapsed.

The pit bull, believed to be about 5 years old, was reportedly tied to the back of the bike and forced to run until she could no longer keep up.

"They tried to get the dog up to walk again. When the dog did not obey their command they then began beating the dog,” said Kristina Rinaldi with Detroit Dog Rescue.

The Good Samaritans found the dog Thursday evening and turned her over to rescue workers.

Vet techs named the dog Penelope and said her pain appears to be the result of a number of issues that include heat exhaustion and problems with her uterus.

"It's heartbreaking, she's exhausted, she's stressed out and we're doing everything we can for her,” said Rinaldi.

Detroit Dog Rescue workers and volunteers will be investigating in hopes of finding the people responsible.