VIDEO: School administrators cut off valedictorian’s graduation speech

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EXETER, Penn. — A high school graduate’s valedictorian speech is grabbing some national attention.

Peter Butera donned his green and gold for one final time last Friday, preparing to address his class and leave them with his final thoughts. As their Valedictorian, Butera prepared a speech he hoped would garner himself attention, but he couldn’t have dreamt exactly how much it would get him, exactly.

“However, at our school, the title of class president could more accurately be class party planner, and student council’s main obligation is to paint signs every week. Despite some of the outstanding people in our school, the lack of a real student government combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers, administrators and board members have prevents students from truly developing as leaders. Hopefully, this will change.”

Butera appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC late Tuesday night where he was given the chance to finish his speech.

Butera’s speech calling out staff and administration at Wyoming Area High School and Wyoming Area School District in Exeter has raised eyebrows within the community on both sides. Butera had his microphone cut mid-speech, due to making unauthorized changes and deviating from his previously submitted and approved speech.

Butera’s revised speech targets the “authoritative nature that a few administrators and the school board members have,” claiming that it “prevents students from developing as true leaders.”

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