Police shooting victim was ‘failed at every single level,’ neighbor says

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SEATTLE — A day after the shooting of a 30-year-old pregnant mother of four by Seattle Police, neighbors tell Q13 News they are distraught.

“I think she was let down by everybody. I think she was let down by us as neighbors,” said Lhorna Murray.

Murray lived right below Charleen Lyles and her children at Sand Point.

“She loved her kids fiercely and she had a lot of struggles,” she said.

Many of Lyles' struggles have been documented. She was arrested 26 times, most recently on June 5th, two weeks before she was shot and killed.

Seattle police released the report from the arrest on the Monday after the shooting. It details that Lyles called police to report that she had been victim of a "physical domestic disturbance." The report states that while they were searching for the suspect, one of the officers received a call for assistance from other officers, saying "Charleena Lyles, had armed herself with a pair of extra long metal shears and was threatening the officers."

During the confrontation, the report states, the Lyles family was called to the scene for help:

"After talking with Lyles' family, we learned that Lyles has experienced a recent sudden and rapid decline in her mental health. When we explained to her family the behavior and statements Lyles made to us, they were suprised (sic) and informed us she has not had any behavior similar to this in the past. Lyles' family is concerned for her and they have a strong: desire to stabilize her mental- health condition before it qets (sic) worse."

"It baffles me that she was recently released and they knew she was going to be coming home to four children, all under 11," said Murray. "At every single level I think that she was failed. I do."

Murray said what happened to Lyles makes her fear for the others still out there in similar circumstances, she said Lyles is not alone.

"I don’t think that Leena was just some special case and it was just her that fell through the cracks. I think that she fell through the cracks because there was no safety net for her and I think that’s unfortunate. I think that’s unfortunate for her, and particularly unfortunate for her children."


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