Meet Powell! #WhyNotMePets

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SEATTLE -- This is Powell. He's a 7-year-old lab mix who just loves to hang out with people.

Pawsitive Alliance said Powell is a sweetheart and likes to get out and exercise. And he's always up to learn something new.

Powell needs a family that has some experience with dogs, but as long as you have that experience, he gets along with kids and most other dogs.

He doesn't do well with cats or small dogs. Also, in Powell's perfect home, there are a lot of blankets! The minute a blanket is out, he wants to sit on it and it's very calming for him.

Powell has some gray fur, but he's considered middle aged for a dog. He doesn't have any major health issues, but he does have a lot of energy.

If you want to adopt Powell, he's at the Everett Animal Shelter. It's open from 11AM - 5PM every day. You can also find him online at