17-year-old girl attacked, robbed on way to school bus in Federal Way (VIDEO)

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FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- A 17-year-old girl in Federal Way was attacked and robbed while walking to her school bus.

A home security video captured the moments before the crime last Thursday morning. In the video, you can see the girl walking toward her bus stop for Decatur High School -- and a man is following close behind her. Both of them walk out of the camera's view.

That's when the teenager says she was hit in her head from behind and her cellphone was stolen.

"He came from behind and he punched me in my head," she said.

Her father, Michael Walker, said, "She's screaming and hollering and I'm in my bedroom and it's that sound you never want to hear as a dad, of her screaming and telling me someone hit her in the head and all the emotions."

After the attack, the girl says, she ran home to her father.

She says there was also a getaway car that picked up the robber after he stole her cellphone.

Now the victim and her father are asking the community to speak up and be on the lookout.

Federal Way police are investigating.