Letter asking for help catching ‘scum’ Lakewood crack-dealer isn’t actually from police chief

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LAKEWOOD, Wash. – Lakewood police said Monday that a letter making the rounds purporting to be from the chief of police and asking people to help capture a crack-dealing “scum” named Jeff is fake.

The fake letter, complete with a forged signature from Chief Mike Zaro, list’s the man’s address and asks people to take cell-phone video of “Jeff” if he’s seen selling crack at the home.

“In a new approach, the city of Lakewood would like to encourage all hardworking citizens to get involved in ridding our city of this scum,” the letter reads.

“This letter is fraudulent,” city officials said in a statement. “The city of Lakewood and Lakewood Police Department would never send a letter like this.”

The city suggested that residents report crimes to the police instead.