Midwestern students get free summer lunches

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An Indiana school district is taking an usual approach to fighting child hunger.  All summer long, they are loading up a school bus with hot lunches and taking them straight to neighborhoods.

The school district has a lot of kids on the free or reduced-cost lunch program, and administrators say once school is out, some of the families have a hard time paying for groceries.  That’s where the “Bus Stop Cafe” comes in.

“We’ve got neighborhoods where we’re serving up to 100 kids in one apartment complex.” says Stephanie Tragesser, from the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township. She says any child who comes up to the bus can walk away with lunch, even if they do not go to school in the district.

“No one feels like they’re being singled out for what their parents may make, because everyone is welcome.” she explains.

The City of Seattle has a program to make sure kids in need get breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the summer.  Click here for more information.  If you are outside Seattle, you can click here for more resources.