Top sliced off phony Ferrari during four-car crash on I-405 near Bothell

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BOTHELL, Wash. – It might look like a Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean it handles like one.

A 23-year-old man was cited for reckless driving and speeding Tuesday after causing a crash on I-405 northbound near Bothell in a Pontiac Fiero that he’d modified to look like a Ferrari, Washington State Patrol trooper Mark Francis said.

Only minor injuries were suffered in the four-car collision, which  ended with the top sliced off the Fiero after it slid under a guardrail.

Francis said the man was making bad lane changes when he hit a car in the HOV lane. The car kicked back across the freeway and hit two more cars before going under the guardrail.

When troopers ran the license plate on what they at first believed to be a Ferrari, it came back as a Fiero. The man said he bought a kit to spruce up the car.